Solar PV & Batteries

High-quality solar energy solutions can be designed, project managed and installed efficiently by SAS Home Heat in order to soak up the sun’s free energy.

Our design will take into account our analysis of any possible shade resulting from neighbouring buildings or trees.

We will suggest the possible locations of the solar pv (photovoltaic) or solar thermal panels, their inverters and the overall control panel.

We would need to assess your preferred rooftop or ground location (ground mount) for the solar panels.


SAS Home Heat detailed quotations will propose the right solution to (a) maximise your property’s energy generation to
(b) reduce and ‘inflation proof’ /keep your energy bill low and
(c) shrink your carbon footprint.

Your solar solution will generate electricity and immediately give the required power you need for your property. As well as supplying the buildings with the energy they need, there will be days when more energy is produced that you need.

Instead of not using all of this harnessed energy, you could store it for future use with the installation of a battery or batteries. SAS Home Heat will make sure that you use the right battery for your solar solution

Our solutions are highly affordable and our quotations are detailed and transparent. Our installation team are manned by fully qualified solar engineers. as well as qualified electricians. Every SAS Home Heat solar solution will receive an MCS certified installation certificate, as well as their own comprehensive reference manual.

We highly recommend that you keep your new renewable energy system working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Not only keeping your panels clean but also looking after other critical elements within the system…. we recommend an SAS Home Heat annual maintenance appointment to keep the energy generation at the required level, and your energy bills and carbon footprint as low as possible.

Email one of our solar consultants at  [email protected] to contact you for an ‘obligation free’ discussion of your requirements.

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